Courtesy of the Virginia Herpetological Society. Only common Maryland snakes are shown.

Eastern RatSnake
(Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta)

42-72 inches (3-6 feet)
Eastern Garter Snake
(Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis)

18-26 inches
Eastern Hognose Snake
(Heterodon platyrhinos)

20-33 inches
Eastern Kingsnake
(Lampropeltis getula getula)

36-48 inches
Eastern Milk Snake
(Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum)

24-36 inches
Eastern Ribbon Snake
(Thamnophis sauritus sauritus)

18-26 inches
Eastern Worm Snake
(Carphophis amoenus amoenus)

7.5-11 inches
Northern Black Racer
(Coluber constrictor constrictor)

36-60 inches (3-5 feet)
Northern Brown Snake
(Storeria dekayi dekayi)

9-13 inches
Northern Copperhead
(Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen)

24-36 inches
Northern Ringneck Snake
(Diadophis punctatus edwardsi)

10-15 inches
Northern Water Snake
(Nerodia sipedon sipedon)

24-42 inches
Rough Green Snake
(Opheodrys aestivus)

22-32 inches
Smooth Green Snake
(Opheodrys vernalis vernalis)

11-20 inches
Southern Ringneck Snake
(Diadophis punctatus punctatus)

10-15 inches