Seneca Stone Cutting Mill


Mile 22.88 - You can reach the mill by a path that starts shortly after the aqueduct and runs on the opposite of the canal as does the towpath. The canal opens up to a basin just as the path starts.

The foundation to the mill is still standing and is made from the same red sandstone as the lock and aqueduct.

The Seneca Greenway trail starts here and follows Seneca Creek for 25 miles into the heart of Montgomery County. More sections of this trail are planned. You can find out more at Sadly, this beautiful trail is suffering from a classic case of over zealous management and neither bikes nor horses are allowed on most sections. Even hikers are banned when the trail is wet or muddy.

This is the bottom of the mill race.  The bottom window is for the water to run through, the top is the ground level window.  Water was diverted from Seneca Creek and ran through this race to power the mill.