Locks 8 - 10


Mile 8.33 - Lock 8
Mile 8.7 - Lock 9
Mile 8.79 - Lock 10

These three locks are the first in a series of seven nearby locks referred to as Seven Locks. Lock 8 in the picture above and locks 9 through 12 are drop gate locks which operate differently than the usual swing gates. A plaque near lock 10 reads:

The drop gate on this lift lock was a technological advance over the more common swing gate lock. It was faster and could more easily be operated by a single employee. Only a few drop-gates were installed on the canal, most of them to speed traffic here at Seven Locks where it often took boatmen an hour or more to lock through.

At Lock 9, you can get a better look at the internal workings of a drop-gate. Although they are not shown, there are two butterfly gates at the bottom of the lock, close to the drop gate. These opened and drained the lock to boat level. The drop gate was then lowered and the boat allowed to pass.

At Lock 10, you can get a good look at the wheels and gears that the canal operator used to work the gates.