Locks 11 - 14


Mile 8.97 - Lock 11
Mile 9.29 - Lock 12
Mile 9.37 - Lock 13
Mile 9.47 - Lock 14

I risked my life for this picture of Lock 13.  I took it from atop the American Legion Bridge.  This is the major bridge across the Potomac for getting from Maryland to Virginia.  It's about 5 lanes in either direction and is part of the infamous Washington Beltway.  Massive though the bridge may be, it shakes like a California earthquake when an 18 wheeler goes by!

This is one of the disadvantages of hiking/biking this section of the canal.  The entire Seven Locks runs by major commuter thoroughfares and the sound of traffic belies the otherwise tranquil surroundings.

Lock 11 and the lockhouse.

Lock 12 is the last of the drop-gate locks.  You can see the wooden structures that look a little like the forks on a forklift.  These were used to help guide the boat into the lock.  The gate is not recessed as in a swing gate.

Lock 14 is the last of the Seven Lock series.