Harper's Ferry Railroad Bridge


Mile 60.67 - The B&O railroad crosses the Potomac here and you can walk into Harpers Ferry by crossing it.  Harpers Ferry is also a National Park.  It's the site of John Brown's (his body's a-moulding in his grave) raid on the federal armory.  Before the Civil War, Harpers Ferry and one other federal armory supplied all the guns for US troops.  Click here for a map of the park and town attractions.

From the AT connector near Wevertown to this point, the C & O Canal and the Appalachian Trail are merged. At this point, the AT follows this bridge into the town and the AT HQ in Harper's Ferry where thru-hikers can get their picture taken and their trip recorded. If you manage to finish the 2,180 trek within a year, you are a thru hiker. If you do in sections over time you are a section hiker. But either way, your can accomplishment will be acknowledged (if you tell them about it) and you'll be able to wear the patch pictured here on your backpack.

The footbridge is built alongside a railroad bridge that enter this tunnel on the other side of the town.

The view from atop the bridge.  You need to walk your bike here.