Fort Frederick


Mile 112.40 - Fort Frederick was built in 1756 to protect frontiersman during the French and Indian Wars.  The French had allied with the Indians to gain the new lands of America.  The Indians wanted their own lands back.  The fort was a refuge for settlers and a base for military operations.

The shape of the fort is designed for maximum defense.  Each of the four corners jut out into an arrowhead to provide a platform for shooting anyone attempting to scale the walls.

The Fort Frederick web site.

You can visit the barracks and they're frequently manned by colorful re-enactors of the period.  This is the general supplies room.  Note the mini-cannon mounted on the barrel.  It was filled with nails and scrap metal to shot close range at people trying to board your ship or climb your walls.

It's lunch time at the Fort.  Bread and butter again!

Once you're finished with the fort, museum and Olde Souvenir stand, this dummy in period clothes waits for you at the visitor's center.  There's also an impressive collection of Indian arrowheads.