Camp Kanawha


Mile 47 - The waterfront sold to the Frederick County Fish and Game Protective Association is now known as Camp Kanawha. Kanawha is the name of the Indian tribe that had a palisade on a nearby island. The land was sold by the federal government back in the 1930's.

If you follow the metal grating path down to the Potomac, there's a dock. You can see at least one canoe here, there's a few more boats parked at this little clearing. On the other side of the path is a short trail to the group of private cabins that make up the camp. Around the 47.5 mile point, is the Kanawha Spring.

Mile 47 - You can see the dock is made of the same metal grate material as in the previous picture. This time of year (July 2000), the Potomac River was quite high and covered most of the lower section of the dock.

This is pretty funny! The club is on the other side of the railroad tracks and this marks the crossing.